When you think about multiple major wins. And also wins worldwide in the putter Department instantly I would guess your mind go straight to Scott Cameron Odyssey potentially however. this line of Putters the tail made spider has been winning now for nearly two decades well in this video I'm testing the brand new models okay. So you might be thinking hold on Rick tell me fir has haven't been out for nearly two decades well that's what Taylor may claim in theory they actually came out in 2008 15 years ago the first ever tail made spider and over that 15-year lifespan there's been so many versions from itsy bitsy spiders to Red Spiders to oversized spiders the works but to be honest there've been an incredibly successful line of Putters for Tade they really have now in my hand I've got two of the new versions is actually five new models out I've got in my hand the new tailor made spider tour. And the spider tour Zed there is also a v model an S model. And an X model these two are the ones I've got in my hand at the moment um what was interest I'm almost going to review these like I've never seen a Tade spider in my life before because we could compare it to old versions. But let's be honest there's not going to be much difference kicking things off price tag 20 99 at retail. And for what you get is one of these very goodlooking Butters to be fair first off a head cover they used to be leather they've kind of gone. For more this kind of synthetic material but it's still very nice fluffy inside which is a nice touch I actually not my favorite head cover in the world. But it's not offensive and underneath here I've got the brand new tailor made spider T putter the first thing that strikes me I do love this gray kind of Darker finish I really like that a lot. And just on top here we've got this kind of white alignment line now let's go back a little bit and talk about spider Putters they are mainly designed. For forgiveness that is their big story. And for the tall version they've got these two big weights sat right at the back at the heel and the toe to give the most stability the other thing what you'll notice from tailor made spider Putters is how low. And slim the faces like from the bottom to the top of the face is really really shallow that's to encourage a better role apparently that's be before we start talking a bit more about data. And what's different or what's new with these Putters let's get rolling a few I really like the feel actually and to be honest I might just be in the market for a brand new putter myself and this could well be an option for the bag um good looking behind the ball I am a huge fan of that shallow face and also it looks like certainly because of this neck shape and the design it looks like there's hardly any Loft on the face at all love the tacky grip this is a really nice pistol 1.0 um super stroke grip I really like that feels great in the hands right let's line line this up. And let's see how it rolls beautiful head shape like I say malet Putters over the last kind of 15 years and possibly even long you you've got to incorporate when you think about malet Putter's the famous Odyssey Tu which was incredibly successful in the early 2000s. And to be honest I reckon this is why tlor brought the spider out to try. And compete with the Odyssey 2 Ball but malet Putters in that time frame have become so much more popular you've had players like Jason day have it in the bag Rory maoy has famously had a spider in the bag for quite a long time now and even intermittantly Dustin Johnson has had a Tade spider putter in the bag as well um they've had great success so many wins around the world and major victories as well I've not hold the first two but the feel off the face was really [Music] nice yeah first three not hold. But I am enjoying the field now you know what's really clever about the spider putter is how they've managed to distribute the weight. And in this new lineup they've done that even better to give even more forgiveness but you notice these kind of cutouts one in the toe one in the heel one at the back you've got this Central column here which is more like a a wired frame construction this year again to be able to stretch the extremities of the Forgiveness level. And those two weights at the back which have been in the past adjustable I'm sure they are again now um they actually not only kind of help support the putter face. But also it frames the putter really nicely as well over the years this top section has changed quite a bit on spider Putters sometimes it's just a singular dot sometimes it's a line they've gone for this kind of y shape with the white and then.

This black solid line through the middle which personally for me someone who lines the golf ball up I'm a big fan of that and then.

On the face the face really hasn't changed a great deal in spider Putters they've always had this pure roll technology where they've got these grooves to get that ball rolling quickly and the neck this is a very popular neck angle here on the spider tour. But you can get other options as well where the actual shaft can go more straight into the head directly. And a few more custom customizable options as well right it's all well and good though we not hold a put yet we need we need to hold one there we go that's nice it it does produce a very very nice role like I've played with plenty of players who have a spider putter they always seem to roll it really solid I mean God forbid even guy that I play quite a lot with he rolls that spider putter. So well I like it I like it a lot this could really be a contender for the bag the one the one standout thing that I was. So iconic with spider Putters and I can't hitting them again really reminds me and again I know I'm kind of do this as a brand new Putter. And not take any information from previous generations but how shallow the face is it six. So nice behind the golf ball the ball almost looks like it sat so much over the top of the club head feels like you can just get really low on the strike you can almost get below the equator line of the golf ball. And again get that kind of roll straight away just pushed it a touch I like that style I do let's try the other style as well cuz it is quite different okay p number two spider t zed. Or Z for American viewers um slight different shape obviously similar components to the spider tour I've got over there already tested this time the weights have been moved slightly further forward I think certainly with some of the style of spiders is to help try. And convert that player who normally wants to use a blade Putter and likes to feel of a blade but maybe needs that little bit of help with the Mallet putter so having that weight forward gives the feel more of a blade putter in this in this uh in this particular style uh everything else is pretty much the same this time we've just got a solid block white uh line on top. And then.

The the the very strong defined black line on top there as well the big thing I'm really a big fan of this kind of color I love this kind of grayed finish I really like it I think it's great right I'm going to concentrate on these six let's see if we can hold them all initially that's not my I'm not as um loving the look behind the golf ball. But if it works I need to get past that go get there Rick don't leave a put short on this green [Music] okay nice just on even the first four puts there again because the difference in weight I've actually got to feel I've got to hit this harder feels like there's less um less punch behind it I'm guessing that's just mainly because of the weight distribution I've actually got I feel like I've got to hit this putter much harder than I did with the orig the spider tour over there come on finish with a good one that was a little bit of a pull ah similar results with both D very very different feeling off this putter face not. So much the actual feel off the face but the kind of the feel as the putter comes into contact like if I was blindfolded. And tested these two Putters I think I would be able to tell that this feels more like a blade Style Just that weight distribution the other thing as well that's new with this lineup is inside the head there's this hybra Echo damper which have also used in the stealth irons uh which is suppos it's supposed to dampen vibrations gives you a better feel certainly off-centered hits um yeah not I wasn't the biggest fan of H I think I would personally go. For more the the spider t Okay. So just as I hit some random puts around the green here my thoughts ah these are actually really nice Putters I think what's interesting with spider Putters is that you can have Tor Pros using them. But also it's not it's seen very often at your local golf club you'll have a a a normal golfer having a spider in the bag as well um I think my my biggest feir. But this kind this Fe is kind of disappeared a little bit now is that I think when spider first came out it's quite a tailor made thing to do is not particularly stick to a model. So I felt like well I felt like when spiders first ever came out they were just a bit maybe I thought they were going to be a bit flashing the pan they've proven that's not the case now um certainly over time they've gathered trust. And you know golfers around the world now know that what Spy putter is you don't even have to say Taylor Mage you just have to say spider. And I think that's great what Tay made have done with this category. So yeah I I definitely think this could be a new Contender. For the bag I really do I think I like the shape I like what it's giving me forgiveness level wise got to maybe stick it in the bag. And give it a try but yeah if you are looking. For putter that kind of gives you that that bit of um forgiveness but still looks good and feels good this is absolutely one that you should be trying if I can keep doing that I'll be very happy guys thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come and that was my full review of the brand new Tade spider lineup.