The irons I'm about to review in this video claim to have all the same technology as the tailor made p790s one of the most popular irons ever made however. get this these irons are just a third of the price tag. So first off get this hollow bodied player distance irons aerofoam technology tungsten weighted I mean they are exactly the same buzzword that a lot of the major manufacturers use. And all this for just £450 for a full set of irons pretty impressive right and they look actually really good as well these are the Cal irons these are the 01 T. And I've got to admit on First Impressions I wouldn't know that these were a third of the price of the some of the big major manufacturers they look fantastic I love this Chrome plated finish simplistic that's the big call out I get from this set of irons I've just got the pitching wedge in my hand here. But we've got the full set I'm going to hit a few irons from the set it's a beautiful looking iron it really is I mean I like everything about it I do I like the finish I like the shaping even behind the golf BS a gorgeous looking iron right let's get hitting some this is a pitching wedge um I've put the green out there about 130 yards let's see how it flies I'm intrigued on a couple of aspects here what they're going to feel like how they're going to fly the consistency level even the spin Factor how are these irons going to perform it's my first ever shot with the Cal irons nice middle of the green first hit my Impressions actually felt quite nice like I like the feel off the face it's actually quite soft to be fair now as I mentioned earlier inside this is aoam Tech technology. So similar to speed foam that Taylor Made have in their irons now you'd think Taylor Made someone who kind of pioneers that they very much spend a lot of money in R&D research really put a lot of effort into IR you could say that a brand like this have really just kind of copied that idea that design. And I mean you wouldn't be wrong let's be honest if not maybe well I know. For a fact they've definitely not spent as much R&D money on the development of this kind of Concepts they've certainly been inspired by the p790s but for you as a consumer you're going to benefit because you're going to get a nice set of irons. For a fraction of the price that's if they perform that [Music] is that's a nice shot felt really good that carried 135 yards eight nearly 8. And 1 12,000 RPM of spin like not bad like good numbers for a pitching W to be fair that was struck absolutely in the middle of the club face as you can see there obviously centered hits should feel good let's see what happens if I don't quite catch the middle I'll hit a few more. And uh I'm sure neverita tobly I'm not going to strike him as sweet as that every time yeah that was an interesting one that I mean I caught that one a little bit heavy um it still caught the front edge of the green. But it it definitely didn't feel as good now kind of higher strike on the club face as you can see there that's a good description there it didn't feel as uh packs full of power it just felt like there was something missing. So that higher strike face interestingly as well looking at as I take a little closer look at the actual grooves on the face there there the grooves don't look very deep like they actually look don't know just kind of like just not very they're very the grooves just aren't so deep which is interesting that would kind of give me a little bit of concerns about spin not. So much right now in dry conditions but as you've seen on some testing that I've done recently with wet golf balls and dirty golf clubs if youve not checked those videos out do. For me now I'm really starting to pay more attention about the grooves and how much that grips the ball and moves that kind of moisture Deb out the way that is a bit of a concern. For me the grooves don't look very deep at all little bit left not bad okay no huge concerns there over the pitching W let's move out back to 79 next..

So what's interesting here looking at the brand actually I've just pulled up the about us on the website Cal was founded in 2019 by Ryan ather um. And it looks like he was obviously just a huge fan of golf was frustrated by the high cost. And complicated buying process uh returned to Scotland after a brief stint at a fancy advertising agency in central London it's quite a cool story really it really is what I'm intrigued about now is this iron 7 iron lofted at 30° it's designed again at this kind of players distance iron this hollow headed player distance iron I'm expecting this to carry well into the 170s if not knocking on door the 180 that's that's my only slight concern at the moment as I mentioned just the grooves just don't look like they're going to do a great deal I say in dry conditions I'm sure fine. But in the wet Links of Scotland where these clubs have been kind of made that would give me some levels of concern nice looking club Behind the ball a little bit of a top Edge kind of boxy shape to it so similar to p790s or even t200s from tight [Music] list gr it a little bit that felt really nice off the face only just getting into the one not even that 168 yards of carry a little bit short there give it the benefit of the doubt on the first shot but uh yeah I'm definitely expecting a bit more carry there maybe I didn't I saying I didn't strike it's absolutely in the middle maybe slightly high okay that's a golf shot I can't hit it any better I really can't that was absolutely ped you'll see that from the strike location in the minute that was absolutely in the middle of the club face um just give you some numbers on that my club speed there was 92. So actually a tiny bit higher than what I have been swinging it recently carry distance 175 like solid solid s IR strip there okay that's golf. For you everybody I just hit an iron that was absolutely struck the best I could have ever Struck it. And then.

I hate that I'm human I really am um but that gives you a bit of an indication there obviously I pretty much th that the dry location so far off the bottom um to so degree if I'm going to take any levels of positivity from that it still went towards my target it still carried 148 yards. But that was a really really bad strike give you a bit of an idea of what it will do off those terrible struck shots it's what this is all about it's not about centered hits you know what I mean that's overrated it's about testing all parts of the club face there she is there's my middle strike little Club twirl there in everything that's nice a couple of things I'm noticing on the good strikes height is impressive launch angle is nice. And high uh spin rate I'm just going to check that in a second um spin rate came in there at 6,000 RPM. So a little bit lower than no to be honest that type of Loft. For S iron that's about the spin rate I expect but because of the launch because of the high the Peak High I think that's going to stop on the green nicely the irons they do feel nice however. I have got few reservations I'll come to come on that in a minute I don't think it's all quite as rosy my my only thing it's not really striking me as a distance iron you know I think my maximum carry distance there has been 170 which this Loft 175 been maximum carry distance sorry with this Loft I do expect a little bit more let's let's just let me just see if I can crunch one. And just see if it gets up to that 180 but power and distance isn't something I'm getting from this iron good feel yes good flight yes. But I'm not particularly getting distance from it even there good strike just slightly missed the green right that time come on one more more see if we can see if we can somehow gain a bit. But I don't know if it's got it in it that's as good as I can strike it that's as good as I can hit it that was I think that was slightly more promising yeah that actually did carry bang on 180 yards. But I struck that so much out the middle I mean that strike pattern is not bad actually if we look there at the bottom just uh yeah Power is not something I'm really getting from this club right let's move back to five the one thing i' I really do have to give huge credit. For here is the looks of the irons I think they're gorgeous. And interestingly looking at the brand Cal the other thing that the X might represent is Ryan who set this brand up actually used to have a brand before this called Old Tom uh again kind of similar style of clubs. And they had an X as part of their logo so it might be a bit of a again kind of symbolization of that interesting old Tom the brand didn't stay around for that long hopefully Cal can stick around. For a bit longer and you know what regard even though the price it's 450 there's no shortcuts been taken like lamping grip standard lamping grip I've I've got on these. And a KBS tour shaft like good shaft and grip combo there's been definitely no um kind of scrimping on price in that category as I kind of hit a few the five irons going talk about a few possible negatives first one. For me it's a positive and a negative positive it's direct to Consumer you cut the middle man out you save money that's why these price of these irons are £450 which I honestly think the price is spot on it's brilliant it's what iron sets used to be priced like God 20 years ago I prices were at this obviously they've gone through the roof now. But I think the price is really clever. And it's Kind of Perfect to rage with you uh I also know they offer Woods as well you can get a bit of a package set. And like a box set is £700. So I think they've really nailed the price on it um however. as you've got the director consume you've also got the slight negative side of things cuz on the website when you order these as a custom set. So if you want to lengthen them shorten them change the L whatever you need to do you got to tick a box. And then.

Once you've TI that box you can't return the irons which to some degree I get you know you can't suddenly try you know extending them by three Ines and get them shipped and you don't like them and send them back what's you know what they're going to do with the set then..

But it's always a risk buying online it really is it's good that they have custom fitting definitely. But always just a bit of a risk and the other thing is you know it's a brand that it's not been around. For long obviously the ions were found in 2019 not that long ago only four years ago how much kind of lifespan have they got is the company going to stay around what's the after care like uh you know if this company God forbid doesn't make clubs anymore they're going to be harder to sell in the future just things you've got to bear in mind with a with a newer uh company. But not nothing that should really scare you off but things to consider I actually like the is I do I think they're really nice set I think they've done a great job. And as a set that are very very similar in my opinion to the p790s maybe not as powerful. Or as long I still I think they produce some great shots right let set a few five IRS to finish oh I didn't quite catch it. But might get on the front edge of the green got really short actually I think the Forgiveness as well maybe's not as as brilliant I don't think off-centered hits are quite as uh as rewarded as some other brands. But I mean nothing horrendous. But I definitely feel like some of the off-centered hits I've struck I mean that's just high on the face. And it's been really punished [Music] stop paying that sh well that one was struck more in the middle even though it's a little bit left it's got the distance right come on let's finish off with one more really good one nice set of irons they are uh I like what the Brand's doing I think it's a I think it's a very cool brand I think if you had this set in the bag I think your friends would be like whoa what's that brand. And you know I think they'd be hard pressed to guess the price if they didn't know at all I'm going to finish one more I'm going to just try. And hit a little fade into that flag it's a bullet straight go in the holes not bad solid solid set of irons not perfect but for the price it might be something you can definitely look past guys thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come be sure to subscribe to hit we shall see you next.