So so far on the channel I've tested the new released Adams Putters and the new released Adams driver and I was blown away by the performance certainly with the driver am I going to be as Blown Away by the rest of the Adams lineup let's find out. So first things first Adam's irons now these actually look really nice however. I'm excited to test that bag in a minute because there's the hybrids. And the Fairway woods and I've had Adam's Fairway Woods in the past and they are superb maybe maybe they could attempts to put one in the bag. But first off we're going to start off with the irons. And the wedges so the irons I've got here from four iron down to pitching wedge they look very very nice now price wise from four ounce and pitching wedge 595 pounds you can also include these specialized wedges these are priced at 87 pounds per wedge now on first inspection I mean they're good looking own actually quite simplistic quite shiny Chrome a little bit of macro around toe. And heel very much game improvement big wide sole on the bottom let's look really nice let's pull out a few clubs I'm gonna hit pitching wedge seven iron and let's go four iron as well I think those three would be a good little test. For this set okay. So let's kick things off with the pitching wedge first 44 degrees of Loft they're a nice looking set they are I could say that it's quite a chunky sole which will be interesting on the kind of hitting of the mat here. And any Turf interaction good quality grip Lumpkin grip I like the fact for me personally these Lampkin cross line seem a little bit more parallel all the way down they don't taper quite as tight as they get to the shaft and also Dynamic gold steel shaft in here [Music] wasn't struck dead in the middle but it's come out really nice go in the hole for the first shot genuinely that was struck very much from the toe. And look at the result that felt good it felt actually weirdly soft consider it was such a strike outer toe. So a few more [Music] that is a terrible golf shot Rick well it was actually struck much more in the middle of the club face when it's pulled way to the left okay let's let's treat maybe those two is a couple of warm water shots to get into this foreign they feel good even the previous shot that I've pulled felt really good off the face you can kind of weirdly sense the soul being. So thick kind of feels like as it's coming to into contact you can almost feel the bottom of the club making contact with the ground a little bit more doesn't it doesn't offend me at all more of an observation very nice very nice. But one thing I didn't expect to be saying with the iron certainly I know it's only the picture away so far it's actually how good they feel I actually feel fairly soft okay moving back to seven iron now 32 degrees of Loft it is good to see Adam's back it really is I'm a big fan like I say when Adams was around it was kind of this almost this kind of cooler brand to to like to have in the bag certainly when the hybrid category in the fairway wood really cool in that category irons always did okay nothing that's spectacular. But these are good there's a little bit of offset as I move into the seven iron. But that's again for who these are aimed at that's perfect kind of just helping any shots that might leak out to the right Top Line looks a little bit chunky on the seven iron here. But again that's going to only boost confidence hold it a little bit probably a bit of offset helping with that as well found the green nicer still that sounded really hit that really did sound good it's obviously got that kind of like crack of a hollow head design what is interesting a lot of the time the back of the golf club. And I've seen it with other brands in the past they almost use this kind of more of a of a lightweight kind of plastic material it's not what I'm actually getting there from the Adams it actually feels there's a little bit of a click in there actually feels a little bit more substantial that kind of plate at the back I suppose typically Brands will use a lighter weight in there. So they can move the weight further down in the head to offer that launch really nice super easy to hit that's one big takeaway from this set. And sound hit like a proper crack when you hit him okay four iron nice looking Club again plenty of plenty of kind of club Behind the ball it's actually interesting blade length heels it's always wide right it's it's got a length to it. And also it's a little bit kind of chunky on that Top Line I don't know what I don't don't remind me of any set weirdly that's a bullet it's a little bullet flighty draw that's very nice [Music] it's that one right in the middle of the face look at that I didn't catch it at all I really didn't catch it I felt like I hit it a bit heavy that that bottom of the club helps it kind of not dig into the ground too much and that was kind of low heel. And it still got there now notoriously four rounds are hard to hit that was actually good. But it also brings me nicely onto the hybrid as well because I've actually got a full hybrid here in the bag behind at the moment Adams hasn't missed for me the so far the putters the driver and specialist driver the irons for who they're aimed at certainly irons they've not missed I think they've done a great job in this kind of relaunch Rebrand head covers exactly the same styling as the driver I like this kind of Adams on the top just a little detailer even the liner inside it's got all these little tiny AGS. For Adam's golf full hybrid right this will be interesting after hitting the the four iron just then.

Nice profile this was a big thing. For me with albums and this is why I do think in the fairway wood category they're going to do brilliant how flat the bottom is at the bottom of the golf club is. So unbelievably flat love that because it just sits behind the ball really nicely got the carbon back and obviously the steel kind of border the gray steel again very much like looks like the Cobra f8 lineup perhaps give this a hit oh I didn't quite catch it I honestly and I'm not exaggerating this I thought I'd I thought I topped it I've just recorded there the the strike location off the face I mean 60 of the golf ball then.

Was on the club face 40 of that was below that's the big advantage of these flat bottomed Woods what I genuinely think with other Fairway Woods. Or hybrids I would have topped that I would have and look at that I'm gonna be happy with that with a good shot never mind one that felt so horrible off the strike wow very very very promising signs hit well it's a bit of a high till that time but yeah I can't miss the green [Laughter] Two Shots there which honestly I couldn't have struck any different to each other to kick things off. And both on the Green I can't wait to get a good one actually [Music] good don't tell me the one I struck good misses the green go on the Green stay on the green the water struck best was the one I actually missed the green on uh feel good really nice kind of quite a nice weight to the head like it feels like there's a bit of a bit of substance behind the golf ball on the actual Club head you've got this velocity slot which we saw with the driver I'm expecting to see in the Fairway Woods as well. And this little draw kind of waiting in the heel was that I'm not seeing that much of a drawer there. And the only one thing I'm gonna get I'm sure this would bump up the price because this hybrid is actually a very very good price 156 pound. For hybrid that's solid the only thing I'd like to see but I think it's asking too much of the price is maybe an adjustable neck sleeve you know he can go up. Or down a little bit Loft but I think I'm asking too much of 156 pounds of the hybrid I'm actually I wasn't going to hit another one. But I'm going to hit one more really solid really solid big fan really um Adam's idea Three Wood like I have had Adam's three Woods in the past. And always thought they were incredible that's what I've missed that flat bottom the only really other brand that does that now is Ping Ping does a great job of really really bringing the bottom of that Golf Club as low to the ground as possible I think in the past Adams is even flattered than that really really flat it's got a tiny bit of a curve on this that's very nice good looking wood I like the shallowness of the face I like the contrast on top as well that kind of like I say very much in line with driver. And the hybrid foreign that's that Green's out at 250 yards solid get on the green yes yes solid I don't think I hit that as good as I could do I'm I'm typically a golfer that hits a little bit too up on the golf ball. So three Woods for me I do catch them a little bit skinny some would say I've talked a few of my time as well. So that kind of flat bottom does give me the confidence that I'm not gonna I'm not gonna top it I hate you know really deep-faced three Woods I love these kind of more shallow three Woods that's a shark that's a shot nice flight good height I mean okay how can you be critical on Two Shots like that like two really nice shots both finding the Green from 250 yards I'm just gonna kind of attempt to almost hit a little bit more what I'd almost like a divot strike I almost try. And hit a little bit too much ground and just see again that flat bottom I feel like it benefits even if you hit a bit too much ground foreign let's go one more another nice shot but that's not what I was wanting let's go one more. And even just before come on to this very final shot price wise 175 pound solid pricing they've done it do you think they've done a great job I really do there's not a lot I can be critical of would I pretend to use the irons me personally no. But obviously the category they're aiming at perfect Putters I thought were brilliant with that kind of yes sea Groove that we've seen I thought driver performed unbelievable. And hybrid and Fairway would have been solid and for the price like good good good price I hope they stick around for a while and I hope they kind of sit in this slot I think this this category I think this was the brand that Cobra used to be like when Cobra were making kind of like the F9 the infamous F9 which was out of this world that was the kind of the right price point the right type of Club really good performance. And then.

Because of popularity the prices started to get boost up and nothing's filled that Gap Adam's copy it Adams could well be it right let's go one more [Music] Sensational I love it I absolutely love it this could easily go in the bag for me let's see what happens hey let's see what happens guys thanks for watching Adams are back. And the back with a bang.