In this video I'm going to be reviewing the brand new ping g430 LST this three wood promises to be a rocket. And you won't believe the price of it it's a good looking Club it is tiny bit of a pull there. But it still felt good I like it I do I feel confused me oh. So this is the first full review here in the hit studio. And before I kick things off I just want to thank everybody for their support over 170 000 subscribers shout out to you founder subscribers thank you so much means the world in this video I'm gonna be reviewing this brand new Three Wood the Ping g430 LS Tech and I'm also going to be hitting the max the g430 max 3 wood. And last year's LS Tech 3 would just to see the differences between the three now I'm really excited about reviewing this three wood as I mentioned at the start this three wood is priced somewhat ridiculously I would say this is 500 pounds it's 170 pounds more expensive than the standard g433 wood the ls attack is packed full of Technology however. titanium face carbon Crown huge tungsten weight at the bottom now the ls Tech stands. For low spin technology and typically a three wood like this is designed. For your better player or someone who wants to reduce that spin to hit their three wood as long as possible now before I start reviewing and hitting shots with three wood I want to talk about the looks I think ping do a great job with their three Woods I love how shallow the face is I think that's such a benefit certainly when you're trying to hit three Woods off the floor you don't want anything to be too you don't want the face to be too deep it gets harder to hit off the floor. And in conjunction with that I love the flat bottom of three of pink three Woods I think we sit brilliantly on the floor. And that same Trend sits between this LS Tech version the max version and even previous three Woods that ping that they've brought out and also I just genuinely like the finish I love this matte Crown I think that looks really good there's obviously these kind of Pops of color with this kind of greeny yellow flicks Etc around the kind of toe. And somewhat around the heel and you can really see the tungsten away on the bottom it's a huge amount of weight at the bottom of this three wood. But in conjunction with the size of it I mean that is taking a huge majority of the head space just that way alone also pink three Woods can go up. And down and Loft you can go up by one. And a half down by one and a half up and down by 0.6 similar to the drivers there's a bit of adjustability in here as well as I mentioned I'm going to kick things off with the review of actually hitting the g430 max Three Wood first just to get some baseline numbers I'm also going to use the same shaft with all of the three different Heads This is the Tensai 75 gram Flex X. And also I want to make one small correction to what I said a minute ago The Loft goes up. And down by one and a half degrees I said. But it actually goes up also one degree and you can also put this head into a slightly flatter head shape position. So let's lock this in 15 degrees standard Three Wood Loft I'm going to go with the 430 Max head first the big visual difference is there's not that big tungsten weight in the bottom actually phase profile still looks about the same it's lovely. And shallow really flat flat bottom but this time it's not got the titanium face it's actually just a steel face yeah I'm excited to hit in this I do like hitting three Woods I do. And I must admit I think this pink g430 lineup looks incredible right let's get hitting. So behind the ball I do really like that low profile of the face I think it's really good this is the max version has a bigger footprint behind the golf ball. But it's not it's like it's oversized it's still a really nice shape I do like I really like how ping3 would sit to the behind the golf ball from the gorgeous yeah very nice right let's get into some of these g430 Max three Woods first a little bit down the right. But not bad for me a three what if I catch it well we'll probably be carrying around the kind of 240 250 Mark so I feel that's what we should be aiming for with this three wood [Music] I mean that that's a really interesting one uh full disclosure I hit that absolutely awful like really low on the heel. And it still managed to carry two two four I do the max with the weight right at the back in this three wood gives me that confidence. And for a lot of higher handicappers people who struggle finding the middle a lot more that kind of Max term certainly in ping I do actually think it means something other brands use max. Or more forgiving Etc I think when ping do it they really do a great job of that Max Max forgiveness I need to hit one in the middle though that one was uh very much in the heel [Music] all right. So these three wood the g430 max did exactly what I expected to gave me 236 yards of carry. And don't get me wrong I didn't hit it perfect that was average numbers when I crushed it I got close to that 250. But as I mentioned it's a really forgiving three wood now we've not come to this video to talk about the max 3 would we've come to talk about the new LS Tech but what's got me thinking like this three was good like really good. And it's still not cheap it's 330 pounds what on Earth is the ls Tech going to offer me considering it's a 170 pound more 500 pound total before we come on to that 430 LS Tech I want to hit last year's LS Tech just again get some baseline numbers okay last version of the ls Tech this is the g425 now bear in mind the popularity of the g425 drive I mean it's one of the best drivers ping have ever made I've still currently got it in the bag. And this three wood this LS Tech version is a very good looking three with it again it's much simpler design it's matte black top super flat bottom this. And me I would expect to carry further than the max footprint behind the golf ball it's smaller definitely where I might gain some distance I might lose out on a bit of forgiveness let's see and you know what just before we were doing some research about the g425 ls Tech. And actually you can pick them up online now. For about 230 pounds so like half the price and the new one so I mean I'm I'm intrigued genuinely to see if there's much of a difference between the two versions of the ls Tech cosmetically I'd say there is performance wise. So that's going to be the big question thank you that felt really nice oh God that felt good that was absolutely in the middle of the club face 200 249 yards carry on the nose oh I felt good. And the other thing I'm definitely know is even just on that first shot the sound difference as I've many times talked about the g425 max driver being loud quite tingy quite don't look quite offensive. So you'd almost say this three would have similar Vibes it's quite a loud three would wear I feel like newer versions are definitely sounding better [Music] granted both of those two were hit absolutely in the middle I would uh be intrigued to find out if I hit one what happens to before I don't hit the Middle look how funny we're gonna find out right let's see a few more it was a bit more low-heeled let's see what the drop off in performance is it still needs to be in the 230s we considers a good shot still oh bang on 250 now as you can see there just from a few sharps that strike was very very low heel there's been a 20 yard difference there between a good strike. And a bad strike and that's where you start to just lose that little bit of um all right consistency As you move into the ls Tech Woods I suppose they are designed. For players who are going to hit the middle a little bit more [Music] you know what that g425 LS Tech does exactly what it says on the tin I thought the performance off the center Stripes was brilliant like I was way more into the 250s actually start I think I hit the record Shot of 254 with this three wood you do lose forgiveness I'll authenticate as a expect. But on average there I hit this carry distance 242 yards again exactly where I want to see it ever so slightly lower spin rate but only by a torch and more ball speed now if that is as good as it is. And it really is how on Earth is this 430 LS Tech going to be that much better like genuinely what I'm trying to understand is what what am I going to see. And what we're going to expect like really again we've got to consider the price it's a big factor in this three wood. And also the technology like with the new one is a carbon Crown there's a titanium face there's that huge tungsten weight at the bottom I mean are we going to be certain some record three words as we move into the new one let's find out okay here we go the g430 ls Tech I'm putting in the same set in 15 degrees same shaft what is this multi-material 500 pound 3 would gonna off I mean never thought I'd see the day. But certainly ping you know they're not they're cheaping don't get me wrong but I mean they're really going expensive with this it's a good looking Club it is it does look quite a bit different to last year's model I would say it's marginally bigger just from toe to heel still got that very classic shallow face design right let's give it a crack. And there's a couple of things I'd love to see definitely more distance without question if it offers the same level of forgiveness then.

The max I mean that would be a huge bonus. But also I want to know this sounds a bit better I'm hoping that this three wood sounds good and girls 10 yards let's see if it does it should do it's a good looking club Behind the ball I must say. So strap yourselves in ladies and gentlemen let's see what this can do wow it felt good geez the the standout thing. For me there was the feel that felt really really bloody God I've madeled it like you can't believe I've hit right in the center of the club face you have that nice big high towering draw it carried 255 yards which is the longest reward I've hit out of all of the three one three woods I've hit. So far today.

Know if it can do much more than that because that felt pretty perfect. But let's find out like the sound loved the feel it might be that kind of placebo effect because I know there's so much weight at the bottom of this Ward it gives me confidence like I use a three wheel that has rails across the bottom and that gives me confidence I felt like the weight of this club gave me the confidence that I could hit the bottom of the ball I like that oh a tiny bit of a pull down but it still felt good God it's gone long again I'm enjoying hitting this wood I think I am first two shots I know that one went a little bit more left. But the feel off the face it's a pull so I'd expect it to go a little bit further that went 256 yards come on let's rock a few more big high fade I don't think that would have gone as far. But what I'm interested to find out with that shot that was that low necky Three Wood which. So far hit with the max last versions LS Tech and now this version's LS Tech that carried that was a necky not a good strike that carried 230 yards. And truth be told if I hit that sort of shot at the golf course it wouldn't offend me be sure to the green if I was going. For a par five but it wouldn't offend me it wasn't that kind of offered me a decent level of forgiveness there which is good foreign I like it I do feels really good that was an interesting one kind of questioning that one a little bit I I genuinely I hit that I thought right in the middle of the face I did I felt like I was good I was expecting to stand up there. And see his little fade that would kind of go down towards Target so it's a massive slice that's only carry 226 yards I feel confused me because on all the other three woods I've hit so far I knew when I'd hit a bad shot like I could tell obviously okay loads. And loads of golf balls certainly doing reviews and testing Etc that one felt good but performance shocked me hmm not sure what's telling me but it's uh it confused me a little bit that one but I mean at least it still felt good foreign [Laughter] that one was better golf shot yeah lovely right in that 250s you know what I also really like as well sometimes. For me low spin three Woods gives me this fear that you can only really use it off the tee. Or you're gonna hit these three wood shots that go into Power fives Etc is going to come out like a bullet then.

All like the peak height of that is really really high. And it's coming down and Landing soft it's kind of what you really want in the three would you it's only one that versatility if you hit it into long par fives you want it coming down and stopping quick set a couple more foreign this is just where it's it's showing its uh weaknesses I would say there's that shot that leaks off right. And felt good that shot that again felt really good but it's gone a long way left I feel like the right to left dispersion on this three wood is a little bit wider. And again I've said this before it's probably not well it's not designed. For maybe doesn't hit the ball as good as they should do it's designed. For really really good players who you know want the most out of their three would let's go one more it's redeemed itself that's a lovely finishing shot can't ask anything more than three wood than that big high fade just up to 250 yards Spa [Music] okay. So that's all the shots hit with all of the three clubs and look at the numbers the g430 OS Tech it's 500 pounds where you would does perform better on average carrying distance of 249 yards on average the biggest standout feature was the reduction in spin the other two three Woods we're getting closer to 4 000 spin this one has come down really low to 3 000 RPM spin same ball speed same. For that speed but that lower spin it's giving that extra distance without interestingly losing height like the peak height of all the three Woods were pretty much the same what's interesting here. For me is coming back to the price is this ping g430 LS Tech three wood worth 500 pounds yeah. And you might think what I want to say yeah because of who we like is to be buying this three one it's going to be elite players it's going to be the best players at your golf club the the best players in your in your country. Or whatever it may be in tour professionals who probably will be paying 500 quid granted. But it's for you it's for your Elite and why I say it's worth it for those golfers is often if you find a three with the absolutely suits your game you will have that through within your bag. For years and many people elite players will be buying this. For 500 pounds they might keep this three within the bag for 10 years 50 Quid a year effectively instead of jumping between different three was trying to find the perfect answer this reward is not the mass production if you are not one of the best players I wouldn't even look to consider this reward you'd be looking at your Max. And ping know that ping haven't made this three words for everybody if the price of all three which went up to 500 pounds we're in trouble that's not where we want to see the game going. But I think. For this specialized Golf Club it might just be worth it guys thanks for watching hopefully you've enjoyed the first ever review here in the hit Studio be sure to subscribe thank you again to all the founder members you've been amazing and uh let's send this channel to the Moon 200 000 subscribers is what's next.

We'll see you next.

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