Do you clean your golf clubs is it worth it does it make a difference at all well in this video we're going to find out I've got a dirty old pitching wedge there's mud in the grooves it's not been cleaned probably ever we're gonna hit some shots see how it flies see what the numbers look like we're then.

Going to give this golf club a really good clean. And hit it with fresh grooves to see if there's a difference will there be any will there be nothing well in this video we're gonna find out millions. And millions of pounds get spent on R D development by some of the biggest golf brands in the world when it comes to golf club design and grooves on a club face has been an integral part of golf for a long time but how much difference do they actually make. And what effect does it have because technology. And golf clubs have really come on Leaps and Bounds obviously over the last decade and way before that as well and you think all that time. And effort these Engineers put into it that all gets covered up with mud if it all gets forgotten about in a dirty old golf bag what effect does it have well let's find out I've got a pitching wedge here this is just a pink eye blade it's actually one of my old golf clubs that I would have in the bag. And uh obviously I didn't look after them uh before I swapped to something new so God knows when this mod is from it's many many years old I'm 130 yards away from the flag there's a couple of things I want to look. For here is consistency of sharp. And distance and also spin like is the muddiness in the groove is going to affect spin because really grooves are used to disperse water. And any debris before you come to hit the shark often it's the friction on the club face the roughness of the face actually creates the spin so let's see if the roughness is still there. Or whether that's even being affected by the mud oh there might be a few of you watching saying that's not dirty you should see my set look at this straight out the Block it's on the green and it's got pretty quick yeah I'm sure a lot of people watching this video will be looking at their own set of golf clubs. And going hold on Rick that that isn't mud I've got some proper muddy clubs. But I think this is a fair representative of a club that that needs cleaning foreign [Music]. So four shots so far and to be honest every one of us on the green and the ball on the simulator looks like that's stopping pretty quickly but suppose it is a pitching wedge [Music] okay I'm gonna do a bit of experimenting here as I mentioned before grooves is really dispersed moisture any debris away before the club hits the ball. So what happens when the golf ball is wet because that again is where the grooves play a huge part. And with them baked full of mud will they have a negative impact we're then.

Going to clean the club. And do the same test as well dry ball. And wet ball and then.

We'll look into the numbers okay Dirty Club Wet ball that's what's crazy. So that golf ball is wet then.

The club was dry. But dirty I've just hit that shark the face now is really wet. But again it's almost like the moisture stayed on the face because it's got no channels to get off because all the grooves are blocked up with mud that is nowhere. For the water to go let's spray the ball again that's actually really interested why not they're so high right that is really interesting that first off went unbelievably higher it's gone further it's gone through the green with no spin our dive into numbers in a bit that was really interesting I'm gonna go one more with the wet ball then.

We'll clean the face [Music] okay the peachy wedge has been fully cleaned all the mud's been scraped out the grooves it's perfectly dry. And the ball is dry as well we're going to test it with a wet ball let's go dry first foreign okay let's wet the golf ball with the cleaning Club. And then.

We'll start looking at some numbers [Music] that's really interesting with that is again the wet ball splashes water onto the face at contacts obviously. But that you can tell it's much more dispersed like the the grooves are doing the job to move the water away from the face. So that friction can still take place right a couple more wet ball dry clean Club foreign [Music] okay the results are in. And it's quite mind-blowing I'm gonna start off by looking at the clean Club versus The Dirty Club when the ball was dry. And the numbers are up absolutely exactly the same what genuinely there's no difference at all you are thinking great I never have to clean my clubs again because we've discovered something quite interesting. So when the ball is dry as I mentioned before the main job of grooves isn't. For spin the friction on the face is. For Spin The Groove is to disperse moisture. And debris away from the contacts so the club gets the best contact when we throw in the wet element to this this is where we see some really interesting things. So this is when the ball was wet. And the club was dirty. And the club was clean check out this one when the ball was wet. Yet the club was dirty there was a huge drop off in spin three thousand RPM spin drop off. And in fact a couple of shots had as little as 4 000 RPM spin when the ball land on the green it literally rolled forward and interestingly the launch was. So outrageously High don't say that's a good thing it was inconsistent like there was no way I could guarantee how that would hit the green. And to really get nerdy on this I want you to notice the small number below the spin rates that's the standard deviation as you can see on the clean dirty. And clean when wet the deviation was only 300 RPM check out when it was dirty wet two. And a half thousand RPM of variance of unpredictability also notice on the the large numbers as well and it's getting really nerdy but when you look at the 4.6 degrees of launch angle difference when it's dirty wet how the hell can you hit it consistently when you've got that much change in launch. And to give an example there the launch angle when it's dirty wet can be anywhere between 35 degrees of launch angle. And 25 degrees of launch that is way too much of a difference what was interesting when the ball was wet. And the club was clean the grooves were doing its job the grooves were moving the water out the way. So the spin still stayed really high and he might think well Rick I don't play golf in wet weather I never play golf I live in California it's always beautiful sunshine hold on a second because obviously golf courses it's Mother Nature there's you're going to get moisture on the grass whether that's even just Morning Dew whether that's irrigation. Or sprinkles out on the golf course there will be moisture if you want consistent shots looking at this data clean dry golf clubs. And ideally golf ball will give you the best results from those beautiful expensive clubs that you've just bought guys thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come we're going to do a few more of these kind of experimental videos on this channel trying to maybe bust some myths thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come be sure to subscribe to hit and keep your clubs clean everyone it's important I need to I need to remember this as well we'll see you next.

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