Is this brand new Titleist T200 iron the best iron on the market we're gonna find out in this video I'm going to test the brand new t200s. And also compare them to one of the most popular ions in the world the TaylorMade p790s that's absolutely down the flag to be honest they're stunning that was interesting look at this go in the hole wow. So the tight list T200 this is the third iteration of this iron. And I've got to say they look absolutely incredible I mean seriously you've seen me review the t100s the t150s the t350 is coming very soon. But these are gorgeous looking irons now they're a hollow head construction very similar to p790s. And they are a distance iron. But apparently have incredible feel let's find out if that is the case. So we've got 9979 and five irons are here even behind the golf ball like that that's a good looking iron I promise like I don't think in fact I want to grab this. For a minute I don't think it's a great deal of difference between that. And the t-150s in fact there's hardly anything you can tell it's stronger lofted this 99 is at 38.5 degrees which is considerably stronger than the t-150s however. gorgeous looking iron it's not too oversized right I'm desperate to hit this on actually yeah really nice behind the ball. And I'm expecting this to go quite a long way to be fair I'll tell you what straight out the blocks there that felt really really solid it sounded good as well sometimes with hollow-headed golf clubs I fear that you get this kind of real Hollow sound almost that sounded crushed decent carry distance I've actually put the pin out at 160 yards and I'm hitting nine iron that is 10 yards further than what I'd normally hit a 99. But again with the loft of this nine iron being 38.5 I'm expecting it to go a little bit further I mean that one carried at one five three it's a good strike as well it felt very much in the middle tiny bits in that one good fly I mean that's absolutely down the flag to be honest look at that yeah what more can I say to be honest with that honestly that one wasn't as crushed as the first one it actually carried further surprisingly carried 154 yards maybe a tiny bit thin good spin rate as well spin rate in the high the kind of mid to high 7000 RPM ball speed 140 miles per hour clubhead speed 87. all right good let's go a couple more with the nine three out of three safely on the Green cut them I mean again truth be told. And that's a great golf shot truth be told that was a tiny bit from the toe Just a Touch 155 yards of carry distance I mean I've hit four shots there every single one of them is on the green every one of them produced a great ball flight I sometimes fear with these kind of type of irons these Hollow head designs when they get a bit strong with the Loft I worry that you might get that one that goes like 10 yards too far when you don't want it to. But out those four then.

They were really consistent only got one more with the nine iron Mega really really good high launch very steep descent angle seem to be Staffing on the on the green really quickly yeah I can't love it really really good okay seven nine up next.

I've got to compliment Titleist on the design work this year I think it's absolutely the stunning. And again I mentioned it in the T100 and 150 video is that you can blend the set really easily this this time around like I remember the first ever T200 irons they kind of looked a bit different to all the other ions where these now it wouldn't be weird if you have this in the Longines maybe the 150s in the mid lines. And even the t100s in the shorter irons you'd have to match the Lofts a little bit but looks wise I think they've absolutely nailed it really good I've also got in my hand the most popular really without much argument the TaylorMade p790 is one of the most popular irons ever made because these t200s are absolutely in this category where it kind of the distance irons player distance irons to be fair they're not like they don't claim to be the most forgiving irons that's where certainly tires they've got the t350s this year I'll tell you what I mean both sets are gorgeous I'm loving this kind of chrome. And black they've there's not much in it really if I was if I had to choose one. For looks I mean I'll let you guys decide. But for me I would probably go slightly towards the Titleist to be honest with you but obviously that's all opinion based I'll just say that the tailor-made is just a little bit more boxy on the top Edge. But again very very similar not much in it at all right I'm gonna hit and hit the p790 first let me get some numbers with that and then.

We'll compare it with the T200 so I've actually put the green out here at 190 hards I've pulled that one granted but you can see how far they go this is the p790 what's interesting with this kind of little experiment this kind of head to head is that both clubs are identical Lofts at 30.5 degrees same length they're almost matched up exactly there's definitely I mean I want to compare it to seven in a minute this definitely just sounds a little bit sight word you know it's a weird description. For it sounds more powerful like this p790 it's got more of a crack to the sound of it when you hit it foreign 's got the distance that's absolutely over the flag yeah very nice like kind of carrying 180 yards which. For this loft is kind of what I'd expect to see [Music] okay. So that was the p790 I'll show the numbers in a minute what's interesting. For me and why I wanted to compare these two irons as well is that they're absolutely aimed at the same type of golfer as well anywhere from kind of a five handicap to be honest up to 15 handicap it sits right in that range where it might be a kind of single figure handicap that wants a little bit more distance. Or a mid-handicapper who wants to try and get that distance to get the handicap down okay we'll look at numbers in a second let's go t207 iron again there's nothing much in the looks at all [Music] that was interesting I mean what a golf shot by the way I mean I can't really Grumble at the performance of that one tiny bit that was crushed out the middle 184 yards I mean great ball flight little tiny draw landing on the green grate what I was just going to pick up on this as it's gone into the longer eye. And the seven iron definitely has that slightly more similar sound to the p790 that kind of more of a crack for me I I'm obviously going to look into numbers a little bit more I I wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference between these two irons p790. Or T200 they feel a look like twins wow I was saying that these golf clubs are like twins. And they honestly are I mean that's a huge compliment to this set of t200s because. For me the p790s are one of the best items ever made look at the numbers look at this absolutely crazy how similar they are uh carry distance both sets on average 185 yards again talking about 30.5 degrees of Loft um because it's almost exactly the same spin rate almost exactly the same ball speed. And the only slight difference from what I'm seeing and it is only a touch is the peak height of the 200s was slightly higher than the peak height of the p790s. But not really much in it at all and for me I mean that is as good as titles can get because titleists always struggle they've always had this tagline again serious clubs. For serious golfers they've always struggled to kind of reach out to that mid-handed attack of that slightly higher handicapper and they're probably more would lose sales out to TaylorMade or people would be buying tailor-made a little bit more because they're marketed Etc I feel like titleistness that have made an iron that's just as good and it may just kind of tempt more people into trying it and even looking at Price like the t200s compared to the p790s almost exactly the same price what I am just going to finish off with though I've got the five irons to hit as well with the t200s I want to give them a whack just to see what they kind of feel like see if there's any drop off in performance Etc. But overall very impressed with these irons okay last few shots five iron in hand it's 24 degrees. So I'm expecting this to come a bloody long way good looking iron again as well maybe not for me as someone who thankfully can hit good shots occasionally. For me it's quite streamlined like it's not oversized this longer iron where maybe for kind of that 15 20 handicap who might be tempted in here might not like the look of this but that's where they could maybe put a t350 in the bag all right let's give this a hit go in the hole go in the hole [Laughter] I don't need to anymore golf shots that's for me very impressed with the t200s as I have been with the t150s and the t-100s next.

Up with the t350s very good Titleist very good indeed impressive foreign [Music].