Driver technology has come on Leaps and Bounds in the last 25 years but how much does it actually influence the distance well today.

We're gonna find out I'm excited about this video I really am in my hand I've got two ping drivers the big difference there are 25 years apart in age in this hand I've got the brand new ping g430 driver they're all singing all dancing state-of-the-art driver millions of pounds dollars goes into r d research development the best players in the world are using this ping driver it's got litter technology every single part of the golf club from turbulators on top to the vortex weight here at the back to be more streamlined having variable face thicknesses to produce the best ball speed adjustable Loft sleeve the list goes on. And on and on and right now if you're buying one of these brand new it's 500 pounds and you pick them up to me for a second and around about 350 pounds but so much development has gone into this and this is now the state of the art driver like this is that this has got everything it's a different story back in 1998 this was the Big Driver the Ping t-i-s-i titanium driver now this hasn't got to be late to surprise surprise it hasn't got adjustable weights it hasn't got a loft sleeve this is quite simply a 10 degree titanium driver that actually looks. So unbelievably different in modern design I think now if you were to test this. For aerodynamics it would fail miserably because the face is. So kind of flat as big it's chunky it's nowhere near the same size head as the brand new ping driver this is 460 CC sized head I guess this is probably in the three. And low 300 CC size head the head size has changed dramatically but what does that do to distance. And performance well let's find out I'm going to hit the brand new ping g430 driver first to get some baseline numbers. And then.

Give this bad boy a hit the drive the is 25 years old how will it perform will it still do the job can't wait to find out okay first up ping 430 I've actually got the ls Tech version. And I've to match it up as much as possible because I can't adjust the loft of the older driver I've put this up to 9.6 degrees of Loft and that one's 10 right let's kick things off beautiful head shape behind the ball you can see packs full of Technology pretty solid start 270s are good to live with two sentences okay 272 carry out the blocks I'm gonna hit a bunch of shots. And then.

We'll report back with performance and the data and then.

We can compare it [Music] [Music] foreign decent batch of the pink drivers um fairly consistent just one I hit kind of quite a bit left. But all in all pretty solid before I show you those numbers let's jump into the old driver and then.

At the end we'll do a comparison. So here we go the Ping TI SI Tech titanium driver so back in the day picture of the scene 1998 this was the best driver being released like this is the you know I remember I'd only really just started playing golf at that time I remember vaguely this coming out. And it was like plastered all over the front of golf magazines there was no YouTube back then.

It was old magazines. Or newspaper articles Etc and it'll all be talking about this driver what's interesting though like technology how much it's moved on in 25 years like I say there's no real big technology story it's just a big lump of titanium driver obviously Hollow head design on a very unusual kind of neck like the neck going into the drive is very unusual you don't see that much anymore the shaft I've got in this is a True Temper obviously the True Temper still around. And a Karma grip this this looks like a grip that's been put on after now because again this driver came out 1998 struggling to find the actual original price of this drive if we found it we'll put it in here but if not as question marks over the price but this was the best thing since I spread when it first came out right let's get it in it's a lovely shape to be honest with you it's kind of a bit like a frying pan to some degree it's very flat topped. And you know what before I hit this first shot the one thing I'm also noticing the t height that I normally use isn't going to work here that's way too tall. For this driver now if you have to go slightly smaller T I don't think they're really long tees were around back in the late 90s that's better that looks more like I mean that looks too small normally. But for this driver that's perfect right what can it do what is the difference in 25 years let's find out I'm intrigued to know about the sound as well I think it's going to sound very very different oh wow the sound was. So high pitched okay we've got one out the block. So I don't think that's the best shot. Yet that was a a kind of It kind of I hope I have hit this driver before many years ago. But I've forgotten how loud it is okay I'm gonna hit a bunch of shots. And then.

We'll dive into the data foreign [Music] but it's a nice flight not as high as I'm normally used to seeing a little bit more of a flatter flight that's a nice shot that's a really nice shot I came out a little bit nicer that oh yeah oh yeah big fan of that shot [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] okay the results are in quite interesting actually with the brand new ping g430 driver there was a lot of consistency in there like I've averaged carry distance that 275 yards I think my one of my worst shots was in the low 270s one of my better shots were in the high 270 yards actually I hit that kind of one Rogue one that went left. But overall consistency was good with that. And that for me at the moment where I'm swinging they're pretty solid numbers going into this the 25 year old driver a couple of standout features first off the sound was totally different. So so different but the actual performance was solid now I definitely saw a little bit of dispersion front. And back however. average carry distance with the Ping t-i-s-i from 25 years ago was 254 yards there's a 21 yard difference between these two drivers almost a yard per year not far off that what was the interesting Factor Club head speed weren't that dissimilar in fact some of the older ping drivers because of the sides of the head actually swung a little bit faster. But the ball speed was down by five miles per hour. And the spin rate with the old one was up obviously there's no real weight if you can't change the weight you can't move it around Etc. And I'm using a lower spin model of the Ping driver because you can now because that's what's available where you couldn't do that in the end very interesting 25 years not far off 25 yards even though Brands claim to be hitting it 10 yards further every year there are changes slowly. But surely but not the huge differences guys thanks for watching stay tuned lots more to come and we'll see you next.

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